For breakfast we offer a delicious and abundant buffet in a beautiful surrounding. The terrace, on which the breakfast is served, is also available for our guests dinners and free time.
In case of bad weather the breakfast will be served in the basement room.

Sea Pavillion

Our terrace, 40 square meters wide, on which the breakfast is offered, will be at your disposal for your convivial evenings at home, for your softy candlelit dinners or simply to enjoy the magical starry nights. The seats are not exclusive, therefore they cannot be booked. You will seat where it happens, but as an upside you will have the good opportunity to chat with the other guests of Bonavista Brela.
We just kindly ask you to speak quietly in respect of the neighborhood and the surrounding, in order to ensure yours and others tranquility.

Basement Room

Place of worship for the lovers of good food and the best drinking, it has been obtained from the old tavern, where the wine was usually made and left maturating naturally, just like in the old past traditions …
At present time here you will find a wood-burning oven perfect to cook fish, meat or pizza as well as a wood-burning barbecue. The big table in the centre of the room can be used as you prefer. In case of bad weather, the breakfast will be served in here (very rare, since here in Brela we pay a special “tax” to ensure the sunny days).
This happens to be the perfect place for your convivial evenings, but always upon agreement with the owner of the house, who will provide you with all the instructions to use the tavern and clean it at the end of your evening.


Every accommodation is provided with its own private parking.
We just  kindly ask for your foresight while driving slowly up and down our private passage.
In addition it would be suitable for you and all the other guests to park orderly, so that everyone can have enough space to park.

Vegetable Garden

In the recovery phase, but prepared for season 2016. In the old garden of the house, left at rest for the last five years, we expect to offer you: tomatoes, peppers, courgettes, chicory, salad, parsley, rosemary, basil, mint and other suprising things.. everything at km/0.